[Press release] Artisun Grow Lights Rebrands as Laava Tech

Mar 23, 2018

Tallinn, Estonia, 23 March 2018. Artisun Grow Lights has been rebranded as Laava Tech. The decision was made because the name “Artisun” is already used by multiple companies in one form or another, and a new name gives us a better chance to differentiate ourselves from the competition and create a stronger brand to communicate the advantages of our technology.

About Laava Tech

Laava Tech develops and manufactures LED grow lights to optimize plant growth in commercial greenhouses and other growing facilities. Our proprietary technology uses a particular spectrum of
light to provide each plant with optimal lighting conditions. Laava Tech is also developing a global plant growth database, Laava Database, to collect and share information between commercial growers around the world.

Press contact

Jussi Pikkarainen
+358 40 144 2277